Get ahead of the line and Register Now for the 2017 Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Mod Tour!

If you are attending the 2017 Dakota Classic Modified Tour make sure to PRE-REGISTER online. This is your only shot at a provisional. We will start 30 cars this year with the 30th being the provisional. Night 1 by Past Champions and the rest of the week by Highest Points, pre-registered only. Drivers are only allowed to use 1 Provisional for the week in 2017.

By pre-registering you only have to pay your nightly fees and bypass the onsite registration line. Pre-registering also allows the Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Mod Tour to advertise driver names on our website, the individual track websites, and allows IMCA.TV the opportunity to create pre race media to help promote!

  • Hold down SHIFT and select each date you will attend.