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O’Neil Dominates at Jamestown

Jake O’Neil has proven himself to be fast all around the country. This week, he came to North Dakota to prove that point.

He did just that, absolutely dominating the 31st Annual Moritz Sport & Marine Dakota Classic Modified Tour presented by Bismarck Motor Company “A” Feature at Jamestown Speedway. He set off from the outside pole starting position and the only thing that stopped him was an early caution. The rest of the race was green to the end. Not even lapped traffic could mar O’Neil’s run, who captured the win over Billy Kendall, Jeff Taylor, Jacob Bleess, and Kelsie Foley. Foley is the first female racer on the Tour since 2013 and has been the first female racer to capture a Tour top 5.

Matt Speckman gave all that he had to try and take down the leader in the Stock Car feature, but wasn’t able to dethrone Elijah Zevenbergen. The two racers, who have been loyal to the Tour since 2013, have had their share of battles, and this one ranks right up there with the best. Eric Mahlik, Angel Munoz, and Joe Flory completed the Top 5.

Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Jake O’Neil, 2. Billy Kendall, 3. Jeff Taylor, 4. Jacob Bleess, 5. Kelsie Foley, 6. Jason Wolla, 7. Austin Arneson, 8. Alex Stanford, 9. Casey Arneson, 10. Tanner Black, 11. Ricky Thornton Jr., 12. Collen Winebarger, 13. Eddie Belec, 14. Grey Ferrando, 15. Shawn Strand, 16. John Corell, 17. Travis Hagen, 18. Spencer Wilson, 19. Zachary Madrid, 20. Robert Hellebust, 21. Marcus Tomlinson, 22. Justin O’Brien, 23. Greg Gustus, 24. Quentin Kinzley, 25. Jason Grimes, 26. Shane DeVolder, 27. Tripp Gaylord, 28. Travis Olheiser, 29. Brad Hartigan.

Stock Cars – 1. Elijah Zevenbergen, 2. Matt Speckman, 3. Eric Mahlik, 4. Angel Munoz, 5. Joe Flory, 6. Todd Heinrich, 7. Tripp Gaylord, 8. Travis Ulmer, 9. Brennan Borg, 10. Cody St. Croix, 11. Mike Hagen, 12. Adam Goff, 13. Andrew Jochim, 14. Dalton Flory, 15. Chanse Hollatz, 16. Keith Mattox, 17. Derrick Kronbach, 18. Taylor Willms, 19. Jordan Zillmer, 20. Jake Brown, 21. Chad Hunteman, 22. Beau Deschamp, 23. Rick Schulz, 24. Kevin Roberts.