Introducing the Starting Wheel of Fortune

Last fall a survey was made available to all DCMT drivers in an attempt to select a new draw system that gives a person with consistent bad luck with a draw another chance to improve his/her chance of a decent starting spot in the heat. There were four selections in the poll. These were the choices:

1. Old system of computer draw.

2. The old matchbook system.

3. Duel in the Desert” method–hi/low bucket on alternating days. If you were in the lowest half one day you go to the higher half the next.

4. Spinning wheel draw. You draw like usual at the gate. A wheel with all possible numbers gets spun just once at the beginning of each pit meeting. Whatever number it lands on is then the pole position for the first heat. The next number in order is then pole for the second heat, and so on until all numbers are drawn. Example: The wheel lands on #79 so that driver who drew #79 is pole for the heat. #80 is pole for the second heat and so on.

The drivers picked #4 as the most desired method, followed by #3, then #1, and last was #2. The spinning wheel has been used for many years by another sanctioning body with good success. Most important, this system is supported by My Race Pass scoring that all tracks on the Tour use on a weekly basis. Tom Helbling– a master fabricator for L & H Manufacturing in Mandan was given the task to create the wheel and the drawing shows what it will look like. A total of 150 numbers are listed. If the wheel lands on a number that is not drawn the wheel will be spun again until it lands on a driver drawn number.

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