Zevenbergen Grabs Third Win and Stock Title; Turnbull Cruises in Mods; Marriott Takes Tour Title at Dacotah

By Jacob Pommerer

MANDAN, ND (July 13) – The final night of the Dakota Classic Modified Tour did not disappoint. Elijah Zevenbergen won a classic stock car feature. Aaron Turnbull dominated the modified feature from start to finish.

The stock car feature may have been the race of the week. Matt Speckman led the opening lap of the stock car main event. Speckman saw heavy pressure from Curt Lund and Elijah Zevenbergen on lap two. Lund came away from the three wide battle with the lead. Just a handful of laps later Zevenbergen took the lead from Lund. Lund attempted a slide job but Zevenbergen crossed over and maintained the lead. In the middle stages of the race Zevenbergen pulled away from the field and the race was on for second. Lund, Speckman, Dalton Flory, and Austin Daae used every inch of the race track as they jockeyed for position. A late race caution reset the field giving everyone another shot at Zevenbergen. On the restart Lund made a successful slide job and steal the lead from Zevenbergen. Lund and Zevenbergen traded slide jobs and cross over moves in the closing laps. On the final lap going into three and four Lund and Zevenbergen were side by side. Zevenbergen had enough momentum on to pass Lund and take the win. Lund, Daae, Flory, and Speckman rounded out the top five.

Aaron Turnbull took full advantage of his front row starting spot and rocketed out in front of the field. Tour point leader Johnny Scot had a tire go down bringing out a yellow and taking him out of contention. A handful of yellows would give Hunter Marriott and Justin O’Brien a couple of cracks at Turnbull, but they weren’t able to capitalize. In the waning laps Marriott closed the gap on Turnbull to just a few car lengths as they entered lap traffic but Turnbull proved to be to strong and took home the win. Marriott, Jordan Grabouski, O’Brien, and Jason Wolla made up the top five.

Elijah Zevenbergen won his third consecutive stock car tour championship and his fourth overall. Dalton Flory and Joe Flory finished second and third respectively. Kyle Pfeifer finished fourth while Curt Lund and Jake Nelson tied for fifth. Hunter Marriott brought home his second consecutive tour championship. Johnny Scott, Grabouski, Jason Wolla and Justin O’Brien received top five honors.



A-Main Aaron Turnbull(2), Hunter Marriott(8), Jordan Grabouski(13), Justin O’Brien(3), Jason BlKeller(18), Kyle Brown(17), Tim Ward(20), Jason Grimes(12), Joel Rust(15), Marlyn Seidler(11), William Kendall(21), Johnny Scott(16), Cody Bauman(23), Brock Bauman(29), Steven Pfeifer(14), Jesse Hoeft(30), Travis Olheiser(27), Shawn Strand(4), Quentin Kinzley(5), DNF- Tyler Peterson(28), Lance Mari(22), Tom Berry Jr(9), Curt Lund(24), Jeff Taylor(25), Mike Greseth(26)

B-Main1 Seidler, K. Brown, C. Bauman, Brad Hartigan, Alex Standford, Dale Neitzel, David Brown, Brock Bauman, Dallas Rice, Marcus Tomlinson, Josh Eberhardt, Rusty Kollman, Scott Binz, Allan Fetzer

B-Main2 Grimes, Keller, Lund, Masen Big Eagle, Lucas Rodin, Chase Conway, Bland Bohannon, Travis Tooley, Ryan Schroeder, Justin Elmer, Jason Dinkus, Kurt Erdman, Jordan Huetll, Travis Ulmer

B-Main3 Grabouski, Hagen, Taylor, Clay Money, Kelly Shryock, Spencer Wilson, Corey Dripps, Myles Tomlinson, Jarrett Carter, Kody Scholpp, Allen Kent, Chris Barros, Jonathan Schumann, Josh Jones

B-Main4 Pfeifer, Ward, Greseth, Jesse Hoeft, Tim Perkins, Donald Robinson, Herb Bargmann, Ryan Mikkelson, Jerry Martin, Greg Freistad, Tommy Lee, Randy Artz, Reese Artz, Kit Bauman

B-Main5 Rust, Kendall, Olheiser, Eddie Belec, Josh Rogotzke, Jett Big Eagle, Jason Briese, Kyle Slader, Josh McGaha, Brent Schlafmann, Shawn Ritter, Jessie Hoskins, Kyler Jeffrey, John Corell

B-Main6 Scott, Mari Peterson, Paul Stone, Tracy Domagala, Mike McCarthy, Kevin Bliese, Steve Reynolds, Chris Bragg, Hank Berry, Darren Schatz, Brian Brenann, Mike Hansen

Heat1 Kinzley, Seidler, Rust, Hagen, Eberhardt, Belec, Carter, Kollman, Corell, Scholpp

Heat2 Strand, Rodin, Mari, Perkins, Huettl, McCarthy, Lee, Erdman, Bragg, Ra. Artz

Heat3 Dahl, Grabouski, K. Brown, Rogotzke, Kent, D. Brown, Breise, Dripps, B. Bauman, Jeffrey

Heat4 Wolla, Pfeifer, Lund, Hansen, Hoeft, Conway, Reynolds, Re. Artz, Dinius

Heat5 Marriott, Kendall, Taylor, Neitzel, Slader, Jones, Fetzer, Schlafmann, Schumann

Heat6 Berry Jr, Scott, Ward, Keller, Berry, Mikkelson, Tooley, Bleise,Freistad

Heat7 O’Brien,Hartigan, J. Big Eagle, Wilson, Stanford, McGaha, Shryock, Rice, Hoskins

Heat8 Turnbull, Grimes, Peterson, Robinson, Bohannon, Stone, Martin, Elmer, Brennan

Heat9 Thornton Jr, Money, C.. Bauman, Olheiser, My. Tomlinson, Ma. Tomlinson, Ritter, Barros, Bintz

Heat10 Noteboom, Greseth, M. Big Eagle, Domagala, Bragmann, Schroeder, Schatz, K. Bauman, Ulmer

Stock Cars

A-Main Elijah Zevenbergen(6), Curt Lund(4), Austin Daae(7), Dalton Flory(13), Matt Speckman(2), Angel Munoz(9), Eric Harpole(14), Chris Ellis(16), Joe Flory(15), Kyle Pfeifer(18), Jake Nelson(19), Joren Boyce(11), Perry Misner(20), Michael Vennes(1), Jeremy Swanson(8), Chad Sterling(10), Jayden Bears(5), Jeffrey Abbey(24), Keith Mattox(23), Jody York(21), DNF- Beau Deschamp(12), Westin Abbey(17), Scott Gartner(22), Cody Dignan(3)

B-Main1 D. Flory, J. Flory, W. Abbey, Nelson, York, Kev Mattox, Keith Mattox, Jason Kniffen, Joe O’Bryan

B-Main2 Harpole, Ellis, Pfeifer, Misner, Gartner, J. Abbey, Justin Bachmeier, Mike Gotch, Randy Schultz

Heat1 Vennes, Daae, Deschamp, D. Flory, W. Abbey, Kniffen, Kei, Mattox, O’Bryan

Heat2 Dignan, Bears, Boyce, Gartner, Pfeifer, Ellis, Schultz, J. Abbey

Heat3 Speckman, Zevenbergen, Munoz, Kev. Mattox, Nelson, York, J. Flory

Heat4 Lund, Swanson, Sterling, Harpole, Gotch, Misner, Bachmeier

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