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Olson and Marriott Charge to Wins at Nodak Speedway

By Jacob Pommerer

MINOT, N.D. (July 9) – Round two of the Dakota Classic Modified Tour brought 42 Stock Cars and 90 Modifieds to the Nodak Speedway in Minot, ND. Aaron Olson came from deep in the field to win the Stock Car feature. Defending tour champion Hunter Marriott dominated the 30 lap Modified feature.

Kyle Pfeifer used the very bottom of the speedway to move from his ninth starting spot to the lead on the opening lap. An early caution put opening night winner Elijah Zevenbergen to the back of the pack. Pfiefer controlled the middle stages of the race keeping his car glued to the very inside of the speedway. A caution woulld fly with 11 laps remaining. On the restart, Aaron Olson, who started 15th, made his way to 5th and used the extreme high side of the speedway to move into third.

Curt Lund worked his way underneath Pfeifer scuffling him to the middle of speedway. Olson found enough momentum to get around Lund and Pfeifer to take the lead. Zevenbergen followed Olson to move into second. Olson proved to be to strong pulling away from the field in the closing laps to pick up the win. Zevenbergen, Pfeifer, Austin Daae (who was also charged with an early yellow), and Dalton Flory made up the top five.

Hunter Marriott found his way to the lead on the opening lap of the Modified feature after starting third. Marriott kept his car tight to the inside of the speedway. Marriott saw a challenge from pole sitter Billy Kendall. Kendall used the momentum runnning the top of the speedway to take the lead from Marriott. Kendall and Marriott ran side by side for the first handful of laps.

Eventually Marriott found a way to clear Kendall and from there on out it would be smooth sailing for the driver of the 62. Johnny Scott found his way up to second after starting fifth and Ricky Thornton Jr made his way to third from seventh. Marriott checked out from the field to claim the 2,300 dollar pay day. Scott, Thornton Jr, Aaron Turnbull, and Joel Rust rounded out the top five.

After two nights are complete Elijah Zevenbergen holds a two point lead over Aaron Olson in the Stock Car division. Dalton Flory, Curt Lund, and Kyle Pfeifer make up the rest of the top five. In the modifieds Ricky Thornton Jr and Johnny Scott are tied atop the standings. Hunter Marriott, Jordan Grabouski, and Jason Grimes hold down the top five spots. Night three of the tour takes place at the Estevan Motor Speedway in Estevan, SK. Race time is set for 7 p.m. again if you can’t be there, IMCA.TV has you covered with FREE Live Audio, or Live Video with the purchase of a Daily or Yearly Subscription.



A-Main Hunter Marriott(3), Johnny Scott(5), Ricky Thornton Jr(7), Aaron Turnbull(4), Joel Rust(13), William Kendall(1), Corey Dripps(2), Kody Scholpp(11), Travis Hagen(6), Jason Wolla(10), Jordan Grabouski(12), Jeff Taylo(9), Jason Grimes(22), Tim Ward(15), Justin O’Brien(16), Chris Bragg(17), Josh McGaha(25), Tyler Peterson(14), Steven Pfeifer(20), Paul Stone(18), Kelly Shryock(21), Cody Bauman(30), Jared Thelen(24), Ryan Mikkelson(28), Masen Big Eagle(27), Travis Ulmer(23), Marlyn Seidler(8), Spencer Wilson(29), DNF-Drew Christanson(19), Lance Mari(26)
B-Main1- Scholpp,Bragg, Ulmer, Lucas Rodin, John Corell, Chase Conway, Brent Schlaffmann, Rusty, Kollman, Bland Bohannon, Jerry Martin, Shawn Ritter, Dale Neitzel, Tyler Wagner, Casey Skyberg

B-Main2-Grabouski, Stone, Thelen, Hank Berry, Tom Berry Jr. Curt Lund, Donald Robinson, Spencer Wilson, Jordan Huettl, Troy Huepel, Scott Bintz, Kyler Jeffery, Travis Tooley, Allan Fetzer

B-Main-3 Rust, Christanson, McGaha, Jesse Hoeft, Josh Eberhardt, Jarrett Carter, Dallas Rice, Mike Hagen, Clay Money, Stewart Hayward, Brian Brennan, Kyle Slader, Marcus Tomlinson

B-Main4 Peterson, Pfeifer, Mari, Cody Bauman, Wayne Johnson, Jeremy Keller, Jason, Briese, Jesse, Hoskins, Riley Emmel, Darren Schatz, Mark Dahl, Tracy Domagala

B-Main5 Ward, Shryrock, Big Eagle, Kyle Brown, David Brown, Allen Kent, Chris Barros, Mike McCarthy, Pete Bradley, Brock Bauman, Kevin Bliese, Justin Medler, Kurt Erdman

B-Main6 O’Brien, Grimes, Mikkelson, Stanford, Belec, Jay Noteboom, Shawn Strand, Travis Peery, Ryan Schroeder, Travis Olheiser, KitBaumann, Mike Greseth, Les McLenhan

Heat-1 Marriott, Schlopp, Barros, Slader, Martin, D. Brown, Rice, Bohannon, McCarthy
Heat-2 Hagen, Wilson, O’Brein, Mari, Heupel, Peery, Briese, Huettl, Schroeder
Heat-3 Kendal, Rust, Bragg, K. Brown, Eberhardt, Skyberg, Bradley, Brennan, Schlafmann
Heat-4 Thornton Jr, Peterson, Thelen, Mikkelson, C. Bauman, Bintz, Olheiser, Schumann, Berry Jr
Heat-5 Wolla, Ward, Christanson, Ulmer, Medler, Tomlinson, Neitzel, Bliese, Hayward
Heat-6 Scott, Grimes, Pfeifer, Berry, Noteboom, Hoshkins, Jeffery, Baumann, Dahl
Heat-7 Seidler, Conway, Shryock, McGaha, Rodin, Big Eagle, Money, Wagner, Erdman
Heat-8 Turnball, Stone, Belec, Johnson, Lund, Greseth, Emmel, Tooley, McLenhan
Heat-9 Dripps, Hoeft, Corell, Kent, Carter, Kollman, B. Bauman, Hagen, Ritter
Heat-10 Taylor, Domagla, Grabouski, Stanford, Keller, Robinson, Strand, Schatz, Fetzer

Stock Cars

A-Main Aaron Olson(15), Elijah Zevenbergen(1), Kyle Pfeifer(9), Austin Daae(11), Dalton Flory(5), Curt Lund(13), Chad Sterling(4), Cody Dignan(16), Jake Nelson(12), Michael Vennes, Cody Nelson(7), Joren Boyce(21), Jason Schoenberger(25), Joe Flory(17), Chris Ellis(6), Jeremy Swanson(27), Keith Mattox(22), Alan Bertsch(20), Gary Goudy Jr(26), Mike Gotch(28), DNF- Jayden Bears(23), Angel Munoz(3), Eric Harpole(18), Beau Deschamp(2), Jody York(14), Matt Speckman(10), Perry Misner(19), Kevin Mattox(24)

B-Main1 Lund, Olson, J. Flory, Misner,Boyce, Bears,Schoenberger, Swanson, Scott Gartner, Brendon LaBattle, Justin Strifel, Dustin Reeh, Joe O’Bryan, Randy Schultz,Chris Hortness

B-Main2 York, Dignan, Harpole, Bertsch, Kei. Mattox, Kev. Mattox, Goudy Jr, Gotch, Justin Bachmeier, Gary Goudy Sr. Jason Kniffen, Aden Clark, Jeffery Abbey Westin Abbey, Scott Yale

Heat-1 Sterling, Pfeifer, Lund, Olson, Schenberger, Hortness, Swanson
Heat-2 Deschamp, Vennes, Dignan, Kei. Mattox, Bachmeier, J. Abbey, Gotch
Heat-3 D. Flory, J. Nelson, O’Bryan, Bears, Reeh, Striefel, Gartner
Heat-4 Ellis, Nelson, W. Abbey, Harpole, Kev. Mattox, Bertsech, Kniffen
Heat-5 Zevenbergen, Daae, J. Flory, Misner, Boyce, LaBatte, Schultz
Heat-6 Munoz, Speckman, York, Goudy Jr, Goudy Sr, Clark, Yale