2017 New Blood Long Haul

Four drivers will be picked by the series director John Gartner who have not entered the Tour before. An additional fifth driver would be selected at large from all additional new entries, with the longest distance towed being the winner. Each of the five drivers will be paid $500 by the Tour Director at the last event in Mandan, ND. This money will be used to offset the travel costs to get to the Tour and back home. IMCA.TV is the sponsor of this endeavor.


– This promotion is for the IMCA Modified division only.

– The criteria used for the initial four drivers selected will be determined by that driver’s past history, sportsmanship displayed in the past, and how that driver will improve the overall Tour for the fans.

– Drivers selected/eligible for this promotion may not have raced in any Dakota Classic Modified Tour event during its 27 year history in the IMCA Modified division.

– Drivers must enter all six nights of the 2016 Tour from July 8-13. This means they must be eligible to enter Canada at the border crossing.

– Entering means taking a green flag at all six nights—not finishing.

– In the event that one of the four selected drivers declares that they will not be participating in this year’s series, the Tour Director will pick another driver, if that determination is made prior to July 1, 2017.

– In the event one or more of the four selected drives fails to race at a series event, or chooses to go home early, another new driver from the field will be picked–with distance traveled from Mandan, ND to their home city as the criteria for selection.

– Driver must be at least 500 miles (hometown) from Mandan, ND to be eligible. All distances will be measured using Google Maps highway mileage using the most direct route.

– If there is money left over (ineligible drivers, lack of entires) that money will be used for other bonus programs and rewards.

Registration is CLOSED for 2017.

2017 New Blood, Long Haul

1. 21 – Jesse Hoeft – Forest City, IA
2. 911 – Josh McGaha – Abilene, TX
3. 36 – Joel Rust – Grundy Center, IA
4. 20 – Michael McCarthy – Hutto, TX
5. At Large

2016 New Blood, Long Haul:

1. 11 – Cody Laney – Torrance, CA
2. 98 – Alex Stanford – Chowchilla, CA
3. 16B – Randy Brown – Chowchilla, CA
4. 11X – Tom Berry Jr. – Medford, OR
5. 21D – David Brown – Kellogg, IA

2015 New Blood, Long Haul:

1. 20RT – Ricky Thornton Jr – Chandler, AZ
2. 174 – Ethan Dotson – Bakersfield, CA
3. 3 – Kelly Shryock – Fertile, IA
4. 18Z – Zane Devilbiss – Farmington, NM
5. 00 – Cory Sample – Winnemucca, NV
6. *AT LARGE* Selected from remaining New Blood, Long Tow entires, furthest distance from Mandan, ND
Each driver receives $500 in Tow Money after taking the green flag at all six events courtesy of our friends at IMCA.TV

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