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WISSOTA Street Stocks allowed entry at 2015 Dakota Classic Modified Tour

Wissota Street Stocks can enter any race on the Dakota Classic Mod Tour under the following conditions.

1. Must buy a full IMCA Stock Car license.

2. Must run the IMCA Hoosier tire on the rear.

3. Must run a 2 barrel carb. All crates and concept motors must run the 350 or 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley carb

4. Must run all other Wissota Street Stock rules–you can’t mix and match IMCA and Wissota rules.

IMCA will not make you tear out your cockpits or other items IMCA does not allow.

IMCA mod drivers are more than willing to give Street Stock drivers good used tires. If you want us to save you some for running later on the Tour call John Gartner at(701) 202-6075 and he will get some for you.